The calming effects of Amazonite

This crystal is one of the most powerful crystals I’ve ever encountered. When I first started handling amazonite it immediately put into a tranquil state. I literally felt like I was inoculated with a drug.

Amazonite comes in beautiful colors of blue and green, and it’s opalescent with veins. It will protect you from EMF radiation, so it can be placed between you and EMF emitting devices, and can even be taped to the back of your cell phone.


The powerful energy of Amazonite soothes the emotional body from trauma and stress, the energy body & the chakras and creates a strong sense of peace within the mind and body. As a protective agent, it will shield the mind from negative thoughts and intruding thoughts, making it an excellent tool for meditation. Amazonite will open the meridians in and around the heart and throat chakras. It dissipates blockages in the nerves and the meridians.

It is said to aid in healing osteoporosis, tooth decay, and general issues dealing with bones and calcium.

I use amazonite in many of my anxiety relief bracelets which you can find here.



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