Black Onyx The Ultimate protector

black onyx

Black Onyx is one of the most powerful protective stones I’ve ever encountered. Black onyx is a layered Chalcedony with black and white parallel bands or a wide band of solid black. It’s truly multi-dimensional in its effect on the human being. I’m very sensitive to crystals and precious stones when I’m handling them, I can actually feel their powers, and they have a tremendous effect on me. When I started wearing black onyx, in particular on my right wrist, I noticed intrusive thoughts would disappear, I felt like Beings of Light were walking in front of me destroying everything negative in my path. It also has a strong purging action with the emotional body, during the night one could experience nightmares as it purges your deep subconscious of trauma.

Onyx is considered beneficial for the teeth, bones, and soft tissue structures. Onyx is particularly stimulating for the feet and strengthens their connection to the Root Chakra, which may be helpful for those who suffer from weak legs or have difficulty grounding excess energies.

When I construct my protection bracelets, I always use a base of Black Tourmaline or Black Onyx, whereas Tourmaline absorbs the negative energy and transforms it, Onyx blocks it. Sometimes I mix them to have a dual protective effect. You can see my protection bracelets here.

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